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86 definitions by b. hanback

Term used to describe a girl or a girlfriend or a prosepective girlfriend with minor flaws - with the thought that they could be cleaned up they would be worth dating or going out with or even marrying...
How was your date last night?

Good, but she needs fake tits, a gym membership and a decent apartment...

Project Clean Up?

by B. Hanback January 14, 2010
6 2
When a college or NFL ref pulls the yellow penalty flag out of their pocket and throws it up in the air.
Did you see that fucking pass interference! Damn ref Throw the Tissue! He had his hands all over him!!
by B. Hanback January 20, 2010
7 4
To plug one side of your nose and blow while outside doing work or exercise and do not have a bandana or Kleenex.
Bobby was mowing the lawn and did the country blow to clear his nose.
by B. Hanback January 20, 2010
7 4
An Acronym for:

Dad is going out tonight with the ROMEO club - they are going to the early bird special at the shrimp shack...they love it...
by B. Hanback January 14, 2010
15 12
When a fake tit deflates or pops and loses the silicone or saline...
Jenny felt lopsided and realized she had a blowout - here fake titty deflated.

Hey babe, your left tit looks small - did you have a blowout?
by B. Hanback January 29, 2010
6 7
Sister got an itchy Lady Jungle...
by B. Hanback April 03, 2010
6 8
Referring to the TV Show Cheers where everyone knows you and your name.
I love going to the Palm Bar as it has the Cheers Factor... They all know me...
by B. Hanback February 28, 2010
5 7