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13 definitions by b-rad

a vagina........
dont make me smack your clacka
by B-Rad May 23, 2004
Another word for masterbation.
Nasty! we just caught Rajiv Squakin his dolphin in the bathroom.
by B-rad June 19, 2003
The expression used to confirm another human's or alien's statement. If not sure of what the person is saying, ask them to explain themselves.
"Yo, what do you mean....ooo....Explain"
by B-rad February 24, 2005
The loud, pumped up, excited phrase used when preferably giving daps or during an excited moment. Also used with the word Cruz or Miss Breau's niece's name. Created by Paul Gallo.
"Cruz......OH Boy!!!!"
"What up dog?.....(Dog)Oh boy!!"
by B-rad February 24, 2005
a fool, similar to fucker.
Why are you walking away?, don't be a dueche noob?
by b-rad May 24, 2004
The term used when upholding a street basketball game (or a backyard baseball game during a season), then calling time-in. (Use only around white folks)
"Damn negro, I'm have to tie my shoe.......Aight...Resume."
by B-rad February 24, 2005