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A movie that embodies all that is wrong with the world; a movie which displays a gross over-indulgence into, and exploration of, the workings of the female psyche and the accomanying emotional tendencies.
Sixteen Candles (Herb's favorite!)
by B-rad January 24, 2005
A sexual position in which the standing male holds the female by the buttocks or thighs. The female should reciprocate by wrapping her legs around the male and holding on to his shoulders for deeper penetration.
Last night I was the world's strongest man, if you know what I mean.
by b-rad June 16, 2004
candy ass white boys with one big calf
Man,that guy is pullin a goode.
by b-rad March 12, 2003
a snoop-dogged version of the word shit, usually used with a positive connotation
that dank was the shizat. pack another bowl my nizzle.
by B-rad October 06, 2003
a person who you buy drugs from. ususally used when you dont want anyone else to know who you are talking about.
lets go call old buddy to hook us up
by B-Rad May 05, 2004
1. To gasp for air following physical exertion.

2. What Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah do when the elevator is out of order.
The fat mofo had to suck wind after chasing down the ice cream truck.
by B-rad November 16, 2004
1. to own
2.to be owned
1. dUD3 w3 da ownz0r 10rDs
2. Fuk i hate those ownzOrs :(
by B-Rad July 17, 2004
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