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a woman who is bold and flirtatious concurrently.
wearing provocative clothing makes me feel like a saucy minx!
by b-lo September 09, 2004
1) to keep it real
2) the opposite of to front

from the Fisticuffs skit on Chappelle's Show
I looked like a fool dressed like that in front of all those fine dudes, but you know I like to put some treble in it.
by b-lo July 17, 2005
1)a command given when you are imploring someone (or even oneself) to keep it extra real.

drawn from the Chappelle's Show skit about Fisticuffs and expanded on.
Why does Joe always front so hard? He needs to put some treble in it!
by b-lo August 05, 2005
to try and step when you know that I will keep it realer.

note: can be used in an abstract sense also.

origin: Chappelle's Show skit "when keepin' it real goes wrong"
Firefox needs to quit playin on my phone or I'm gonna use IE!
by b-lo August 05, 2005
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