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When your computer decides to not work; if so, very very slowly and painfully.
*Smacks Computer* "Damnation!! My Computah's got COMPSTIPATION!"
by B-child March 15, 2006
Yidish for "old shitter". Elderly person.
"Hey...look at that altercocker over there!"
by b-child November 28, 2006
A comeback phrase in german specifically saying, you are small in the pants!! This is most perferreably an insult towards boys. Heeheehee.
Hey oliver!! du bist klien in der hosen! suck it!
by b-child April 06, 2006
You put your two hands on either side of your face, making W's with three fingers. Then, open your mouth, so it spells out WOW, it's GREAT!!!
When someone is saying something that isn't very funny, you do the hand signal and say "wow! who cares?"
by b-child July 03, 2006

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