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Toying with, stimulating, manipulating, using the nipples to achieve sexual satisfaction. Usually combined with sex of some sort. A peripheral pleasure stimulus.
Jack knows how to give the best nippleplay.
by B-Love January 23, 2004
A person who seeks out bigger, or chubby men. Usually a smaller twink but sometimes another chub.
Randy is always staring at Ron's big, chubby butt. I think he's a chubby-chaser.
by B-Love January 23, 2004
In love with or infatuated with a larger man or the act of lusting after a larger man.
Juan has got a serious case of chublove since Orsito moved into our house.
by B-Love January 23, 2004
A very handsome or attractive bigger man. A hot, chubby guy who is sought after by chubby-chasers in the gay community.
Mark is a fucking chubstud!
by B-Love January 23, 2004
A pierced penis - usually through the underside of the head of the penis.
Roger's p/a kept smacking my teeth as he facefucked me.
by B-Love January 23, 2004
A sexy man who is larger than average.
He usually has a larger than average belly, a thicker frame, puffy cheeks, and an adorable smile.
Look at that chubby! Hold up, I gotta go get me some of that!
by B-Love January 23, 2004
n. of russian descent,

a russian pimp, innovator of poooosey,

see also russian concusion
dessie call them bitches a pooosey on vent.
by b-Love January 04, 2005

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