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When someone who knows there history and also smokes a lot of weed and has a square head.
Your dad looks like stone wall jackson.
by b ran jannsen May 22, 2008
a big white ass that older women have
hey ellen phillips has a rotunda man its kinda stinky but i would still hit it.
by b ran jannsen May 21, 2008
a little boy who is bewtween the age of 7-9 that weighs over 100 pounds and eats a lot and also has a pig-like nose.
hey you guys no anthony lingle man i called him a little piggy and he ran like a little thundercunt
by b ran jannsen May 21, 2008
someone who is usually a girl that has bucked teeth that sticks out and is reallu ugly
hey look at that bitch over there she has a wicked case of bucky beaver yellow teeth
by b ran jannsen May 23, 2008

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