12 definitions by b money

Adj: Being ignorant to the point of food stamps.
"Uncle Leroy is a nignerant mother fucker."
by B Money March 01, 2004
V: the rawest form of sexual intercourse. Usually performed without the uses of lubricants and contraceptives. No body parts or orafices are shaven.
"Yeah dude, I did her grizzly bear style in the ass last night."
by B Money March 01, 2004
Expensive Champagne "cris" Appr $250 a bottle
Poppin' Cris
by B Money March 04, 2003
The highest of ranks in the hip hop community.
"I'm super rap mack-o-licious....
I'm so pimp its rediculous, tinted windows inconspicuous...."
by B Money March 01, 2004
a phrase used in tha dirty south and is showcases on swisha house and other underground texas rappers
What it do cuzzin?
by B Money March 04, 2003

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