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5 definitions by azzer

someone that eats alot, is abit fat. obviously eats to many pies.
blimeys! look at him, he looks like hes been on the ginsters
by azzer June 21, 2005
9 2
abreviation of pasty. often used to insult a person thts been on the ginsters for quite a while.
calling them a fat bugger in other words
o, look at daz hes such a fat past.
by azzer June 21, 2005
3 0
the kind of girl that comes out with nothing but a mini skirt and bakini top on at the slightess hint of sun
blimey look at tht sunshine tart, look at the jubblies on tht!
by azzer June 21, 2005
3 2
1) in pool to score many balls in 1 go
2) wen playing any type of game- to do very well in something
look at u twats with all ur ball, im clearing house here
by azzer June 21, 2005
2 4
used wen some twat is acting gay, and is in a stress. trying to take the tension away by using a funnier word to ask them if there alright, for example...
whats up with you cooping?
by azzer June 21, 2005
0 15