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A muzza is a European decent male living in the area of Melbourne. They are also known as "wogs"
They work for uncle Nicko who is a concreter and spend most of their money on ring tones, the car, neon lights and generally anything that they think will impress strangers and chicks.

They only workout their upper-body (arms) and walk like they have packed their pants.
They inflate each others egos but can never talk enough about themselves and how much chicks love them.
They never refer to themselves as Australian even though they are born there and can often be heard saying "F&^%^* skips have no respect"
Their parents buy them houses and their mothers cook lasagnas for them until they are 30.
They are usually greasy and add to this by using excessive amounts of hair gel and not showering.
For fun they drive around in their "fully sick bro" skylines and maybe go to a club and drink purple water with a touch of vodca.
They think there european culture is superior even though they act like african americans as do most ethnic australians.
muzza says "sick wheels bro
nice hair bro, i'm getting mine like that on fursday
i could get any chick you know bro, chicks love wogs."

by azzaroni May 17, 2007

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