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AKA Ruby or the Devil's Liquor, New England's most delightful vodka/paint thinner.

The catalyst for many nights of blank memories, random injuries and just all round pure shame. Comes in a variety of flavors to tempt you to try each one, when in reality all this does is make you buy more of the nail polish remover. Flavors include Wretching Raspberry, Gutter Green Apple and Paralysis Pink Lemonade. Costs $13 for a handle of death, and is probably enough to send you to hospital each night for the entire weekend. Known to burn throats, tastebuds, eye sockets, nostrils or any other orifice which may be exposed to her fiery side.

Beware of Ruby, she is a psychotic sociopath and WILL ruin your life.
"Yo what shall we drink tonight?"

"Rubinoff duh"

"Dude, last week you drank so much Ruby, you got sent to hospital with a hole in your throat and rectal bleeding"

"But bro, it's $13, I wanna get so drunk I can't remember the alphabet, and I'm broke-ass"

"Good point, which flavor, I'm feelin' Melon tonight"
by azza919 October 19, 2013

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