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A chicano boxer from L.A. responsible for knocking out every cerote boxer on his way to becoming the greatest boxer of all time. The only loss on his record that is not contreversial is the one to the great hopkins which he lost because he was not fighting in his natural weight class. If hopkins lost weight so he could fight de la hoya in his weight class the fight would go very differently.
The guy who beat the shit out of trinidad, mayorga, macho camacho, and every other cerote is oscar de la hoya.
by aztec warrior sam July 16, 2006
Any central american person. These animals will often try to imitate Mexicans so they can get respect.
Anyone who is from El salvador,honduras,nicaragua, guatemala, or any other little piece of shit on the map is a cerote. These "countries" never compete in the World Cup because they are inferior brain dead animals who get brain washed by their own "music" which they call regeton.
by Aztec warrior sam July 15, 2006
Mindless creatures driven by instinct for sperm and money. Can be usefull if trained how to cook, clean, and take care of children properly. Also see slut, whore, prostitute, gold digger, skank, ho.
Male: why are you talking? the only thing your mouth is good for is to suck my dick! now get on it bitch!
female: well that's why I was talking. Because I was asking you if you could please help me unzip your pants so I can suck you dry.
Male: Didn't I already show you how to unzip my pants?!!
female: yes, but I.......
Male: You're talking again!! Oh the hell with you Im going to get some experianced females at the corner to do it for $10. in the mean time try as hard as you can not to have sex with anyone else, including the dog! now can you do that? or am I going to have to tie you up like last time?
Female: ( nods yes )
Male: Now your learning bitch!
by aztec warrior sam July 15, 2006

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