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parents who are asian. many times they will push their kids very hard academically in hopes of them having a good job in the future. unlike most american parents who actually have a sense of reasoning, asian parents always think they are right and will not accept any other answer than a yes. anything but an A on a report card means failure at something, even though on the report card it usually says a B is above average. they are also many times more strict than the average white parent, sometimes not even letting their kids go out partying everyday and al most always thinking about how other people are going to judge them based on the actionas of their child. even though they believe that their actions are the best, it is not always the case. although studying to get that 5.0 in school might get you into a good college to get a slightly better job there are many other things that are sacrificed along the way. some of them including social interactions and good memories. the main problem, as i see it, is that they raise their child as they were raised but in a conpletely different setting causing najor disputes.
Asian kid 1 - Crap i have to do homework for five AP classes and if i get a B my asian parents are gonna kill meee!!
ASian kid 2 - dude just relax, its america. if you defy them for too long they'll leave you alone. now lets go smoke some weed and listen to pink floyd.
asian kid 1 - alright fuck this! tis my life mothafuckas!!
by aznmetalhead January 03, 2008
an asian who throughout his/her life has lost some of the characteristics that make them asian. most likely came to america at a very young age or was born here. often looked down on upon other asian people who continue to hold on to their asianness. Sometimes it just can't be helped such as asians growing up in the middle of white suburbia and has no other asians at school. other asians sometimes choose to become whitewashed on their own.
Twinkie: dude that lynyrd skynyrd concert kicked major ass!!
White Friend: dude you are such a fucking twinkie.
White friend 2: who gives a shit? if he was like every other asian we've met that sits at home studying all day we probably wouldn't hang out with him!
by aznmetalhead January 03, 2008

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