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2 definitions by aznPersuasion

(KREG-nUHnt) Adjective.

1. having a child or offspring developing in the body as a result of copulation with a man named Craig.
2. filled with Craig.
3. full of Craig-like meaning.
You've been being a little irresponsible when you're drunk lately. You better be careful you don't get anyone Craignant!

That's something Craig would say. Are you Craignant?
by aznPersuasion November 12, 2012
Pronounced as do-me-shape. A phrase refering to a person with a sexy shape (body) being asked to "do" another person.
1.) Domeshape NOW!
2.) Please, domeshape, pleeeaaaseeee.
by Aznpersuasion March 11, 2006