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wen a guy is getting head and he pokes the girl in the eyes so that she pulls away and he then skeets all over her clothes, leaving her blinded and sticky.
I poke and bounced that girl last night man!! It was fucking halarious
by azeez October 11, 2004
1. "tricky son of a bitch"
2. when a guy goes down on a girl while she is laying down with her eyes closed, and then the guy quickly inserts himself and busts a nut.
Yo, I pulled a tsob on jess the other night and now she's pregnant!!
by azeez October 11, 2004
1. sex move when the guy is doing a girl up the ass and then he pulls out, and noticing shit on his dick, quickly flips the girl over like pancake and shoves it in her mouth!
Yo, this kid pulled a panckaer on laura last night!! hahaha!!
by azeez October 11, 2004
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