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A Japanese onomatopoeia that represents the sound of something firm but pliant being squished.*

*From: Antifuchs' µblag
"It's yummy and sweet... It's really white and its really sweet and really unyuu!" --- Hinaichigo from the anime Rozen Maiden referring to soft rice cakes filled with strawberries--- from episode 3 :)
by Ayumu August 14, 2010
H O T ! ! ! oh sorry. thats reversed. ikuto is the definition of hot. hes the main guy character in shugo chara (anime/manga series). with yoru he can chara nari (turning into black lynx or seven seas treasure) or chara change. he has blue hair. cat ears and tail when he character transforms/changes with yoru. and 17 years old in 2009.
hinamori amu: *points at ikuto* that perverted cat-eared cosplay guy!
ikuto tsukiyomi: *offended* co-cosplay?
by ayumu February 05, 2012
given name is amu. sur name is hinamori. the main character in the anime/manga shugo chara. she has 3 character guardians (shugo chara) at first (ran, miki, su) and can transform into different things (and use other peoples shugo chara). transformations include amulet heart, amulet spade, amulet clover, amulet angel, amulet devil, amulet dia, and amulet fortune. her biggest love triangle (its shojo. come on. theres always a love triangle) is ikuto/amu/tadase (amu and ikuto tsukiyomi is AMUTO!! amu and tadase is tadamu). she has pink hair. "x" shaped barrettes in her hair. and dresses in a punk-goth style (thats what the anime/manga calls it).
nikaidou: attendance. himamori amu? is she here? *hima means having free time. its a pun.*
amu: its HINAmori. hinamori amu.
nikaidou: ah. thank you himamori-san.
amu: *irked* hes saying it wrong on purpose now.
by ayumu February 05, 2012
chara nari between hotori tadase and kiseki. a yellow theme. tadase is dressed as a prince. his attacks with a his scepter are holy crown and white crown. the scepter also changes into a sword. his powers are only gained from exposure to the humpty lock.
tadase: kiseki. chara nari.
kiseki: roger.
tadase: my own heart unlock. chara nari: platinum royal!
by ayumu February 05, 2012
short for character change. frequently used in shugo chara. its the combined power of a shugo chara (guardian character) and its owner. in most cases there is a special change in apearance and sometimes a weapon. some elements of the chara change are similar to chara nari (ikuto tsukiyomi's cat ears. hinamori amu's heart/spade/clover theme. yaya's bib). it also changes the person's personality (there character).
chara change : ikuto tsukiyomi gets cat ears and a tail plus cat-like abilities (teasing attitude). hinamori amu with miki gets artistic abilities and spade shaped barrettes (level headed attitude).
by ayumu February 05, 2012
ikuto tsukiyomi's first name. (maybe some other anime/manga's but i dont know them). the name itself means many constellation(s?), is japanese in origin, and is for boys (not unisexual unless youre an evil parent).
tsukiyomi ikuto.
by ayumu February 05, 2012
chara nari between souma kukai and daichi. a green and yellow theme. kukai is dressed as a pilot and has a skateboard that flies. his attack is golden victory shoot that uses a flaming soccer ball to take down his opponent. his powers are only gained from exposure to the humpty lock.
kukai: my own heart unlock. chara nari: sky jack!
daichi: wow. howd that happen?
kukai: amu?
by ayumu February 05, 2012
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