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Someone who indulges in the arts. They are skilled at either studio arts, music, film, or all three. Many artsy people know how to play the guitar, usually having taught themselves. They sit at cafés not for the image of being "indie" but because it is seen as a great place to reflect and work on new material. They are often seen wearing haute couture (like Chanel classics) with a mix-match of clothing and accessories found in small (Parisian-like) shops and thrift stores. When they can they travel to exotic countries to explore the art scene and visit as many museums as possible.
:I'm about to go to MOMA and then to a café, want to come?

:Oh my god Jesse, you're so artsy- I love it.
by ayotech February 05, 2010
Weed and tobacco packed as a snapper and smoked in a bong. Hits you in the face!
Yo lets take a domeshwack


Be careful it'll give you a huge head rush.
by Ayotech February 16, 2014

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