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A shit drug for rednecks and white kids.
Meth is considered poor mans cocaine
Crystal Meth is considered White Boy Crack
Yaw I'm flyin' on speed(meth), I've been up for 3 days, I cant stop scratching myself, and my teeth are falling out!
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
the temperate at which molecular energy is at a minimum.

We would all be dead is the temperature reached absolute zero (-459 degrees F)
by ayoforkayo January 29, 2009
Crystal Meth. Usually used by Teenage white kids, a redneck drug, The state of Montana is full of this shit.
Black Guy: Yo nigga i juss got a bundle o' dis base we be hitten up the crack house in a lil you game.

White Boy: *cant stop scratching himself* hey I need some quick money for some speed(meth)you wanna go knock off a corner store?

i have to say white boy crack in this because this is the only i can send it to urbandictionary.com
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
marijuana laced with pcp, also known as water
I just ripped off my skin because I was on seaweed
by ayoforkayo February 04, 2009
fuck myspace, but only get a facebook when your in high school, college, or when your an adult no one wants fuckin whiny little middle schoolers on there.
Middle School Kid: I just got the new Green Day song on my myspace profile!!!!! And i even changed my name on there to be h@rDc0r3.

High School Kid: Wow, really? Your awesome I wish I was as cool as you. At least people actually know who I am because I use my real name and I dont stand in the mirror and hold up my camera and pose and take a picture. Pff fag.

get a facebook.
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009

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