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A disparaging adjective applied by fundamentalist Christians to anyone or anything outside their own particular belief system.
My daddy says that philosophy is satanic.
by AynRandsTeddyBear April 29, 2005
Hebrew for "Quiet, please." Well-known to anyone who attended Hebrew school as a child. Traditional response is "hey!" sometimes accompanied with a raised fist, and always followed by silence. Used to get everyone's attention so they will settle down and listen.

As used in The Hebrew Hammer.
Speaker: Sheket Bevakashah!

Crowd: Hey!

Speaker: Sheket Bevakashah!

Crowd: Hey!

Speaker: Sheket Bevakashah!

Crowd: Hey!

Speaker: Okay, now that I've got everybody's attention...
by AynRandsTeddyBear May 02, 2005
The proper title for a female pimp, as opposed to pimpette. Where a pimpette is a house cat, a pimpstress is a tiger. She's a badassified beyotch who knows what she wants and how to get it.

See also:
That ex-Mormon chick with the buzz cut is one hell of a pimpstress. I hear she picked up seven girls in one night. And I don't mean from rugby practice...Or do I?
by aynrandsteddybear August 16, 2006
A hilarious take-off on Blackploitation genre films such as Shaft--a Jewploitation flick starring Adam Goldberg as the title character, the Hebrew Hammer.
Have you seen The Hebrew Hammer?
by AynRandsTeddyBear May 02, 2005
(adj) Fortified with 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of badass.

This is like your orange juice with the vitamin C, only it's with the essence of badass instead. So if your plus vitamin C orange juice were plus badass instead, you could call it badassified.
Look at that pimpstress over there, man. She badassified to the max.
by aynrandsteddybear August 16, 2006
Any inexplicable marking on an article of clothing that ultimately exists for the sole purpose of causing people to touch the person wearing the clothing item.
"What's that on Josh's shirt? It looks like a piece of tape."


"Oh, I guess it's just a fondle stripe."
by AynRandsTeddyBear January 15, 2006
Fabulously fugly. For when calling someone fugly just isn't enough.

Not to be confused with the Latin noun fugulus, from which it is derived.
Vyst: Whoa, look at that lady over there!

Josh: Oh gross, she's just fugulous!
by AynRandsTeddyBear December 20, 2005
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