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2 definitions by ayelmao

Slang for "head shirt" a style introduced in the 80s by adolescents and young adult primarily from North America. This style has started to become big again starting in about 2012, and currently being sold in larger stores such as Walmart.
"I loved Cara Delevigne's new photoshoot! She featured so many different shirteds!"
by ayelmao March 16, 2014
Oxford shoes are only worn for special occasions. For example, you wear them in marching band while you play the flute. Oxford shoes are so swagtastic that only beautiful sexy goddesses wear them. If u want to get a boy band member as your boyfriend aka five seconds of summer, you have gotz to wear them. Mainly wannabe hipsters and Nirvana posers wear them. Oxford shoes are soo swaggish and HELLA fine.
Hey look!!! Its Nirvana poser Itzel and her wannabe Oxford shoes
by AyeLmao March 16, 2014