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2 definitions by aybaybay

Abbreviation for South Roanoke. South Roanoke is an affluent area, full of grand old houses and manicured lawns. Crystal Spring Elementary is located in South Roanoke, and the children who go there tend to be preppy. As you work your way into South Roanoke, the houses become larger and the cars nicer- the best area to be is right on the mountain.
Girl 1: "All the girls from SoRo are really popular."
Girl 2: "I know- everyone always pays attention to them."
Girl 1: "Yeah, I wish I lived in SoRo."
by aybaybay August 22, 2007
refering to an unusually hot pot of coffee.
"woowee that willawoo burned my hand."

"that guy is almost as hot as a willawoo."
by aybaybay August 18, 2007