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An OS that was decent from Microsoft in 2001. After years and years go on, you kinda keep Windows XP because you have it. This doesn't apply to those who use those fancy Macs or actually have Windows 7 or above and other shit, I'm not a techie. Anyways, why does XP treat me like a fucking 3 year-old?
In 2001:
" Look at me, my Window XP will suit my needs... of watching porn (WAT!!!)"

In 2013:
" I can update to Windows XP anytime now, wait why am I still in my parents basement???"

In 2025
"Still using Windows XP, *munch munch*

That 3D dog used to be cute a decade ago...
by axodd May 25, 2013
Slim Shady
B Rabbit
Marshal Mathers
That guy who starred in the movie 8 Mile
I didn't actually give you a definition, sorry.

Eminem, Slim Shady, B Rabbit, and Marshal Mathers are the best things that came out of Detroit!!
by axodd May 25, 2013

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