1 definition by awwwww cry? :]

A hardcore kid is one of those kids you see with his sisters tight pants on and his hair is spiked up in the back and flat and greasy in the front and on the sides and most of them say theyre straight edge but theyre just bitches. They also listen to shitty bands that all sound the same. They're sense of fashion is horrid they TRY to be different but in the end they all end up looking the same. They act tough but if you go up to one of them that is talking shit to you they may start to cry and offer blowjobs for your forgiveness. oh yeah most of them are faggots. :]
sisters pants. bitch. gay. terrible music. they all look the same. hardcore kids are fags and theyre stupid fucking trend will be over soon. THIS GENERATION FUCKING SUCKS. the end
by awwwww cry? :] December 06, 2005

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