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Zahra's tend to be the flirtatious type, and will know what she wants. If she wants something, she will do ANYTHING to get it. She has dreams, hopes, and fantasy's, and will often believe that anything is possible. Zahra's are very sweet, kind hearted, and know how to have fun. She is someone that you can tell anything to, and will open her heart to anyone as long as you do the same. Although, if you mess around with her to much, and hurt her, she will most likley build a wall between you and her, and she can be bitchy and dry. DO NOT be bitchy to a Zahra, for she will be bitchy, yet even worse. If you fall in love with a Zahra you are a very lucky person, because once she can trust you with her heart, and you give her yours, she will create a paradise, and put lots of work into making you happy. Not only will she make your heart melt, but Zahra's tend to be very sexual, and can pleasure you in many ways. Zahra's are overall fun-loving, sexy, seductive, smart, optomistic, hopeful, and over all beautiful. If you get a Zahra, never let go of her, because you will never find somone like her.
She is such an amazing girl, she must be a Zahra.
by awsomnes April 27, 2011

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