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a beast who lives in the mossy parts under stone bridges who is covered in hair, is green, 8 feet tall. If one does not pay the toll to cross their bridge the sasquatroll will anal rape one with their massive penis causing extreme anal bleeding resulting in death. If one is unfortunate enough to come across a female sasquatroll she will eat one's reproductive organs in order to give her muscle mass.
Tommy: Did you hear what happened to Xavier?!?

Caleb: What?

Tommy: He encountered a male sasquatroll who anal raped him so hard it caused anal bleeding which killed him!!!!
#sasquatroll #sasquach #troll #combo #tommy #caleb #xavier
by awsome445 August 23, 2008
Ya'll might just win the day but I'll be back tomorrow
If you see a model, then you might see me follow
Rubbin' her thighs like Aladdin rub the Genie bottle
Back for another swallow, Method, you know the motto:
"Ya'll might just win today, but I'll be back tomorrow"
#method man #song #awesome song #cool #method #man
by awsome445 August 22, 2008
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