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noun – regional term for an "asshat" in the Middle East. See also "anusberet."
After the events of January 25, 2011, Hosni Mubarak has proven himself to be a total and complete sphincterfez by refusing to step down as President of Egypt.
by awienick February 03, 2011
Over-explicitly stating that you had no reason to participate in something. Like you don't care one little bit.

Zero, zilch, nada. Null. The big fat Goose Egg. The empty set.
Adam: what percentage of brackets have kansas as the champion? 80?

Andy: None-Hundred Percent of mine ... since I care not for NCAA.
by awienick March 20, 2010
noun – the haute, evolved form of "asshat"
By targeting Francis Piven as an "economic revolutionary," Glenn Beck has taken his asshattery to a whole new level … becoming a total and complete anusberet…
by awienick February 03, 2011

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