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A girl with scales. You can find her latest gossip in Carlina's fishtank. She will probably babble on about her life and how fabulous she is for hours until you want to blow your head off with a pistol because her voice is so high pitched and squeaky. She also sticks her B32's way out in photos to look like she has a nice rack, when really her premature LG breasts are already sagging. Every photo she has of herself is edited to the point where you can't even see her facial features, just her peircing hollow eyes and vibrant white skin. she has gappy teeth and the forehead of beetlejuice. As Regina George would say, "she is a fugly slut". also, she will probably steal your boyfriend.

Carlina also likes to think everyone is her best friend, when in fact, 90% of the people she knows fucking hate her ugly ass fish guts.
Girl: "hey man, i though you were in that picture?"
Girl 2: " I was... but Carlina cropped me out while editing it...."
by awesomekillingweiner344 August 23, 2009

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