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A feeling of sexual desire for someone with whom sex would be considered statutory rape.
Eric had a statuatory crush on our hot English teacher.
by aweeze November 20, 2009
Something that no one is going to notice.
John: I wore the same tie as my boss the other day, I think it really annoyed him.

Me: Relax, you are farting next to a waterfall.
by aweeze April 02, 2010
hard to find
John: Sorry I am late.

Me: Relax, This place is a snail's asshole.
by aweeze April 02, 2010
asking way to much
John: Jenny wants me to spend two-thousand dollars to be bored for five days at her cousin's wedding in Australia.

Me: She's forcing an owl to jog at noon.
by aweeze April 02, 2010
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