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3 definitions by awaken77

Russian slang word for the gay, very offensive.
Often used as common insult towards to non-homosexual men.
Poshel ti nahuy, pidor!
(Fuck you, motherfucker!)
by awaken77 March 21, 2009
86 9
in Russian literally means "member", but also a common synonim of a penis.
This double meaning is source of endless jokes and wordplay in Russian.

-kak vas nazyvat', chlen-correspondent , prosto chlen ili tovarish chlen?

(How would you prefer to call you: chlen-correspondent, just dick or Camrade Dick ? )
by awaken77 March 21, 2009
25 6
1) A shithouse in Russia.
The word derived from French "sortie" (exit).

2) A place, where president Vladimir Putin promised to kill all Chechen terrorists
Putin about Chechnya situation:
"My ih v sortire zamochim!"
(We'll kill 'em everywhere - even in the toilet)
by awaken77 March 21, 2009
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