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An expression one may use when attempting to deflect or avoid a conversation. The person saying this expression may also be attempting to make it look like the other person (in the conversation) is saying something ridiculous.

Originated by Mae "Maeby" Fünke on the television series, "Arrested Development".
1) Michael: ...Why aren’t you in school right now?
Maeby: Marry me!

2) (Mort takes Maeby's book report thinking it's a movie treatment)
Mort Meyers: What's this? So, you're this Funke everyone's been talking about. You can't be more than what? Fifteen?
Mae "Maeby" Fünke: (laughing nervously) Marry me!
by AvsC April 13, 2008
(n.) The result of improper kerning.

(to kern is to adjust space between characters in typeset text).
The typographer who worked on that film just pulled a keming by not having equal spacing between each letter in each word in the opening credits.
by AvsC February 21, 2008
A red colouring that someone has around their mouth, possibly stained by a drink such as fruit punch.

A quip made by Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the first season, regarding a vampire with a blood mustache.
That guy definitely has fruit-punch mouth, although I'm not sure exactly what he drank to get that colouring around his mouth.
by avsc May 08, 2007
A dynamite and sexy person, with magnificent and far-spanning creative talents.
How do you constantly come up with these wonderful ideas? You are such a Jaline!
by AvsC January 28, 2005
The term for watching stars at night on a rooftop in either the suburbs or the country (as it is difficult to see the stars in the city due to light pollution).
My friends and I decided to opolis last night after having nothing else to do.
by AvsC March 02, 2005
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