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A term used to express the revenge one will take against another, when the latter commits a heinous crime.

(The term is generally used by the youth in Indian cities)
When Mukesh stole Rahul's cricket bat, Rahul decided that he would fuck Mukesh's happiness.

Santosh: Dude, Mrs. Pandey gave you a D on your paper?
Harmesh: Yah man. How dare she! I'm totally gonna fuck her happiness.

Ashutosh: Dude, I didn't mean to drink your booze, I'm sorry!
Sampat: I swear to god Ashutosh, I'm gonna fuck your happiness!
by Avnish May 18, 2008
The extreme indigestion you have after eating a Chipotle burrito.
Jim: "Hey Bob, you wanna go to the movies?"
Bob: "I can't man. I just ate a fajita burrito with extra steak, no salsa, and now I've got a bad case of the Chipotle cha-chas."
by avnish May 21, 2007
When something is just too incredibly amazing to explain using normal english words. Coined by Katy Perry via Twitter on February 9th 2010.
Katy Perry:
@skyferreira I didn't know I had the power to get popstars grounded! Amazesack!
by avnish February 11, 2010
Similar to the concept of defriending, defraternization occurs when a person removes a friend or a sibling from their list of family members on their facebook profile. It usually occurs when a person decides to finally get 'serious' about facebook or they no longer regard the other person as a brother/sister.
Ex 1. ARJUN: Dude can you believe Aparna just defraternized me from facebook? She said something about how she wants to only keep her real siblings on facebook. Lame!

Ex 2. JEFF: Man this guy Pete is really annoying and I don't consider him my bro anymore. I'm gonna defraternize him.
by Avnish April 02, 2010
Tabloid photo-journalists whose sole purpose is to photograph crotch shots of celebrities as they get out of motor vehicles.
JIM: Hey Bob, did you see the new Lindsay Lohan pics the pussyrazzi took?

BOB: No man, but the pussyrazzi was trying to catch my girlfriend last week as she was getting out of my Benz.
by Avnish September 22, 2009
A phrase similar to 'swear to god'. Usually used by Hindus, as they are polytheistic and believe in many gods.
Raj: Hey dude, did you know that lions sleep for 20 hours a day?

Vikram: Woah, really??

Raj: Yep. I swear to gods.
by avnish May 12, 2010

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