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A Canadian Dinosaur. He's got a cowboy hat.

Soon-to-be internets legend. Search for the user TyrannoJack on youtube or look for William Bradley on Last.fm - you can get 5 songs for free off there!

Also a ladies man and extremely delicious. Get him now before he becomes too popular!
Aww, he's so adorable bonking that cat! That Bill Bradley is a genius. I'd do 'im.
by Avid WAS fan April 02, 2008
1. Getting too much pleasure from ripping a plaster (as in Band-Aid) off a wound and thus getting aroused, leading to the above word.

2. What occurs when a decorator gets bored/horny doing his job, then adding his "produce" to the mix of plaster that's going on the wall.
1. Ripping off the hair around my cut was such a good pain that I had to indulge in plasterbation.

2. After plastering half the room in Mrs. Smith's house, I got bored so I whacked off into the plaster tray in a fit of plasterbation. The walls might be a bit smelly in places.
by Avid WAS Fan July 25, 2009
Does not apply to just women, many men have flat ass too. Have you seen the amount of them who have their belts under their ass? Insufficient buttocks to hold them up.
Keith has a pancake ass, his jeans fell down on stage and he tripped and fell over
by Avid WAS Fan April 12, 2009
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