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The alias of Ethopian emporer Haile Selassie is Jah Rastafari a.k.a Lion of Juddah
We'll be forever loving Jah... - BOB MARLEY
by Avi September 17, 2003
phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew and now is probably the most popular phrase in Israel. It's equivalent to "leave me alone" but carries a kind of sarcastic meaning. it's usually used when someone proposes to you something and you just refuse because it either doesn't interest you or you just don't care.

Additionally, "In your mother" is short for "Swear in your mother", an Hebrew common to "Swear to god". Two-three decades ago, for example, the common was "swear to your most precious". "Swear to god" is not in use for obvious reasons.
The previous examples applies.
by avi April 06, 2005
Sleep,rest, or time when the body is restored
Have you gotten some shut-eye recently?
Nah, been working 24/7.
by Avi March 20, 2005
Used in place of 'shit' by people trying to quit their bad habbit of swearing, or when a person feels that they are too pure to swear.
Has the compounded benefit of rhyming with the swear word 'Christ'
Holy shist, that guy almost ran me over!!!
by Avi February 04, 2004
Hella rad punk band straight outta da East Bay. They don't play around.
I went to the Kramers show last night and it OWNED!
by Avi February 28, 2004
noun: A tight, firm butt due to playing Dance Dance Revolution (a dancing arcade game).
Playing DDR will give you a nice, firm ass, perfect for those freestyle moves.
by Avi April 05, 2004
The act of performing a leg swing into the air such as the Jet Scream ride in Wonderland, labias rubbing against one another occurs
See that leg swing? Thats a fucking scene!
by Avi February 28, 2003

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