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British/French supersonic airliner, designed in the sixties and entered commercial service in 1976. A supreme technological success (and the only successful supersonic airliner), but catastrophic from a business point of view.

Concorde was designed when fuel was cheap, and when it didn't seem like there would be any objection to generating sonic booms over populated areas. By the time it was ready to go into commercial service, environmental concerns and fuel costs eroded most of the potential market. In the end, Concorde served only with Air France and British Airways, mostly flying on the New York - Paris and New York - London routes.

After the first fatal Concorde accident in 2000, the fleet was grounded for over a year. The decision was finally made to retire the two Concorde fleets in 2003, and the survivors were retired to museums in Germany, France, Britain, the United States, and Barbados. No supersonic successor appears likely
The last commercial Concorde flights were in October 2003.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 12, 2006
Term invented (or at least popularized) by the late musician Frank Zappa to describe children conceived primarily for the experience of having them.
"There seems to be this trend for the young modern parent to have a child for these reasons: For the woman to experience the miracle of childbirth and for the young couple to raise their precious child to be this immaculate artifact of modern society. If people think today's punk kids are repulsive, wait until they see what these little artifact children are going to do."

Frank Zappa
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 14, 2006
An nickname bestowed on Boeing 737-200 N73711 (Boeing c/n 20209) of Aloha Airlines. On April 28 1988, this aircraft (flying as Aloha flight 243) was flying from Hilo, Hawaii to Honolulu at 24,000 feet. An 18 foot section of the cabin roof separated and a flight attendant was lost overboard in the resulting decompression. Everyone else stayed in their seats, and the crew was able to make an emergency landing in Maui. The accident was later determined to be due to metal fatigue, and resulted in more demanding inspection and maintenance requirements for high cycle aircraft.
We do dye penetration inspections on our aircraft because no one wants another Aloha convertible.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv October 02, 2006
People and vehicles at airshows and airports charged with the vitally important task of obstructing photographers trying to get pictures of the aircraft. They typically wear orange shirts and/or reflective vests to enhance their visibility. They are best known for making their appearance *just* when the most interesting aircraft of the entire event is about to pass by, remaining present until they have spoiled the photo opportunity, and then returning to their lair.
Sh*t! My photo of that F-100 was spoiled by the foreground obstruction crew!
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv August 26, 2006
Slang for the Canadian dollar during the nineties when it was substantially devalued relative to the American dollar. The Mexican peso was also substantially reduced in value during this time, hence the connection. The phrase is less commonly heard in recent times, as the Canadian and American currencies have been nearly at par.
How much is that in Canadian Pesos?
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv October 06, 2006
Similar to a has-been, but without the interval of being genuinely famous between originally being a nobody and then becoming a nobody again (afterwards).

The term is also sometimes applied to pseudo-celebrities that are used to pad out the roster of guests at TV programs and other events that wanted real celebrities, but couldn't get them.

Sometimes, the never-will-be is deluded enough to think that they truly were famous at some point, and is irritated that they aren't generally treated like the celebrities they feel they should have been.

Synonym: never-was.
He's never done anything important enough to be a has-been -- he's a never-will-be.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 29, 2006
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