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The lower voice part of the female.

Also known as a soprano who can sightread.

How to tell if your an alto:

1)You can sightread.

2)You realize that everyone not in your section is a bimbo, a pompous a**, or that you always have to explain things twice for them.

3)You notice that your part in a piece of music is more elaborate and challenging than the others and you never complain about it, but instead look forward to singing it.
by aveverum September 09, 2008
The first book to a wonderful series by Stephenie Meyer. With action, comedy, romance, and emotion.
When Bella moves into the rainy town of Forks, Washington she notices Edward Cullen. She soon learns that he is a vampire and despite this, she just can't stay away from him. Well, Edward can't either. :) All the while Edward fights his primal instincts to drink Bella's blood. The couple must overcome many obstacles.

Mostly the teens are into the series, but some adults have found an interest in the books. Despite how many people think that the main interest for reading Twilight is Edward (though it is part of it) the book really does suck you in and you can't help feeling everything that Bella feels.
Twilight is my obsession.
by aveverum July 10, 2008

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