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the male version of a species
often misunderstood

Women constantly say men are dogs but have you ever looked at it from their side? Imagine trying to be nice to women all your life and constantly being dissed. Imagine trying to be gentle and caring only to end up becoming that "friend". Imagine breaking your neck to get a job so you can by nice things to inpress women only to see them fall for that asshole of a jock with big muscles! Eventually this nice caring guy is gonna get fed up and treat women like crap for the rest of his life simply because he was always treated like that. I'm not standing up for people like this but everyone knows there is only so much you can take. Everyone acts a certain way for a reason.

Who knew these "gentle" creatures (women) could cause ahandsome confident guy into a nervous anxiety having wreck.
2 years of being treated like crap by the majority of jock loving high school girls. Luckily though since i am a romantic guy I still show respect for women.
by average looking guy who June 11, 2008

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