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1) If you're on the computer for more than an hour (not studying)- bam they'll take away your computer away, ground you, punish you..whatever they feel like doing.

2) They want you to study..all day every DAY! They have some vision that kids will just decide to study all day in the summer for fun after they had to put up an entire school year of it!

3) They CONTROL your life, and most asians don't realize this until they read this. Asian parents control what you wear, who you hang out with, if you can do something, if u can't, what you look like; YOUR HAIRCUT?

Actual conversation between and mom and asian boy.
Mom: You need haircut, you look like girl.
Boy: But I like my hair mom!
Mom: No you need now1@@!@!@!@!! - drags boy to haircut salon -

4) They get ticked off really easy, Let me give you an example (PROVEN)
Girl: it's not like I want to spend all day studying
Dad: this is for your OWN GOOD, this wastes everybody's time, it doesn't help us!@!@
Girl: But I just --(cut off)
Dad: 2!#@!#@#@!#@!@!@$#$#%#235%@ STOP COMPLAINING2!@!@ YOU ARE USELESS, YOU KNOW I COULD SEND YOU OFF TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL AND YOU CAN BE NO ONE21@!@!@!@!@!@!!@!#!@#$@!$!#$@#%$%$^%$^%@!#!@!#!@#@!$

5) Their grade system
A- only thing acceptable
B- beating
C- seriously kid, you better runaway now!
D- death
F- *********************

6) You can only be a doctor, or a dentist

7) They think anything besides studying is a waste of time (PROVEN)

8) You can only do swimming, or tennis as a sport because everything else is too 'dangerous'

9) Every evening, it's rice, rice, and more rice, when was the last time I had a biscuit or somethin? I like biscuits :/

10) They think every word is a bad word, when really it's just a word you might say as you grow up!
For example:
Stupid, butt, butthole, shut up,

You know, the things you might call your older brother if you're really mad at him. (not cussing though)

11) BONUS: IF you cry, they don't care, they don't try to understand you feelings, they don't care, they just think everyone was brought up in China or Vietnam like them and love to study, And if you have a suck-up perfect brother, he likes to give speeches that make sense but make you sound retarded and stupid and like you don't know what you're talking about.
by average asian girl June 11, 2009
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