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Any woman who trolls the internet looking for sex and who hooks up many diffrent men. Often times her flings actually know each other and are friends. A proper cyber skank will lie about her ways when everyone else knows the truth.
Random guy 1: Did you hook up with that chick from chat last night?

Random guy 2: Yeah she even put out on the first date.

Random guy 1: She did the same with me too.

Random guy 2: That sg8807 is a cyber skank.
#hook up #truth #lies #chat #internet
by Avengeyousevenfold June 06, 2009
A group of people on yahoo that download programs used specifically to dominate other chatters. With matching screen names they run about yahoo rooms causing trouble to make themselves feel better.
Avenge: Did you go into Ok room 4?

Gurlygurl: Yeah but the tw1st3d s0uls were in there.

Avenge: Thats lameeeeeeee.
#yahoo #chatters #dominate #screen names #matching
by avengeyousevenfold June 05, 2009
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