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A term used in association with deep penetration, where the shaft of the penis is inserted full length to the testicles.
Graham triple washed his helmet before heading out down the town. He was feeling lucky and felt certain he'd end up nuts deep in some bitch's ass later.
by Avatarvia November 20, 2011
The female equivalent of Traveller's Marrow where the vibrations associated with shit public transport cause swelling and hardening of the clitoris.
"Ethel remained seated on the bus as it went past Tesco. Her bus goers bean was almost debilitating and certainly inconvenient on weekly-shop days".


The most publicised case of bus goers bean was during the making of the film Speed, where Sandra Bullock's stunt double was expected to leap from the runaway bus moments before it exploded. Tragically, due to bus goers bean, the stunt double was unable to leave her seat and was killed instantly.
by avatarvia October 05, 2011

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