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The ass end of a plane.
Look, Collin, you can see the planus of that 747 from the mall of america!
#plane #anus #planus #747 #butt
by avaraxus January 20, 2008
A term usually used to describe the condition of ones testicles while working outside in bone chilling cold. Carpenters of all trades use the term all too often during the winter months in Minnesota.
Dude, I got icesticles.
#cold balls #freezing #carpenter #testicles #sweasticles
by avaraxus November 10, 2007
When someone (usually a carpenter) gets in trouble, they have to wear a bundle of insulation on their head a period of time determined by the severity of the deed.
I told you to put these trusses 24" on center, not 23"! Put on the insulation hat and get in the sonor tube for 15 minutes, you insubordinate bastard!
#insulation #hat #insubordinate #insilation #punish
by avaraxus January 20, 2008
The uncomfortable feeling of a sweaty anus, usually experienced by those working outside during a hot and/ or muggy day.
Man, I can't take it anymore! I can't wait until break and then I can go take care of my terrible case of sweanus!
#sweaty #anus #hot #butt #muggy
by avaraxus January 20, 2008
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