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My own type of fail. Pronounced "Mumumumumonster FAIL Fail fail" (fading).
Guy 1: What are those scissors for?!

Guy 2: Your face!

10 minutes later
Guy1: Haha LOL! that makes sense!

Guy2: You just now realized that? *Laughs* Mumumumumonster FAIL Fail fail
by av3nger November 13, 2010
The type of outfit that has the obvious potential to be used by a promiscuous woman attempting to seduce men.
Kid: Woah...who's dress is that? It looks like a total skankfit.

His Mother: That would be mine dear.

Kid: O_o
by av3nger June 13, 2014
A woman who is normally confident in what she does, her responsibilities, her life, and when she is around other women; however, she may act shy in front of men, not speak to men normally, or comes off okay when dealing with men but shows DEFINITE signs of preferring to talk almost exclusively to women with the exception of elderly men.
Fictional Conversation:

Man 1: Hey man, there's this girl at church and she seems to prefer talking to the girl beside her instead of across the table at me!

Man 2: She's guy shy man. She's not into commitment yet....she's probably too busy with family stuff and she's filled up her whole schedule with responsibilities and college. (Description of a real girl I know).

Man 1: I Guess I'll just try to ask her out when her and I are having fun or working on something! I'll persevere!

Man 2: More power to ya man.
by av3nger September 27, 2013

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