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10 definitions by autumn

A senior high school, located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, that seems to be getting a strange amount of attention lately (John Mayer performing at the senior prom, a book written about the high school and its prom, perhaps a movie deal in the works).
I would have graduated from Pennsbury High School if I hadn't moved.
by Autumn May 24, 2004
161 61
Southern form of potato.
I got me some mash tators!
by Autumn August 16, 2004
33 13
another word for disgusting
ewww thats rank
by autumn November 12, 2003
19 13
Someone who is born in September is called a September baby
Jesus: Im not a September baby, are you?
Nacho man: I was born in September so i am.
Jesus: Well isnt that posh!
Pizza shop guy: Awesome we are both September babies Nacho man!
by AUTUMN June 16, 2013
0 0
When someone is angry at someone and wants to use a dildo as a weapon... *wink*
"Kildo that biatch!"
by Autumn July 02, 2004
7 7
Redneck way to say "jobs".
Dey terk our jerrrbs!!!!
by AuTuMN August 16, 2004
4 5
means like oh you're joking
oh my god you joler
by autumn November 12, 2003
1 4