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Easy access easy pussy
hehehe her short skirt gives us some eaep
by austin November 27, 2003
R.S.A. is an abbreviation for Rancid Skunk Ass, May be hard to fit into the average sentence, but RSA is the extreme of disgusting.
Daaaamn, that flat beer is fuckin RSA!
by Austin April 19, 2003
A group of Long Island rappers. "B6" meaning "borough six." Long Island being the "sixth" borough of New York City.
That B6 track has a sick hook
by Austin September 12, 2005
smokin' out with the homeboys.
Damn foo, lets handle business!
by Austin March 06, 2004
a new breed of wiggers. these are not the jamie kennedy wiggers from malibu's most wanted. although they listen to rap, dress in baggy clothing, sag, wear tobagins and do-rags, and do drugs. they don't talk use slang like "dawg, yo, fo shizzle, homes" and almost never say they r from the ghetto, and are very aware of thier skin color. yet they do say words like "straight" and "tight". although they are commonly accepted by the black comunity and raely made fun of, they still face riducule from punks and hardcore wiggers for not converting totally to one kind of persona.
eminem is a stin wigger.
by austin February 07, 2004
to be forcefully chillen by urself by a state or gov. Not being able to communicate with someone for 9 hours. THe mind starts to bug out
Hey yo im not goign back to solitary, it drives me insane
by austin October 07, 2003
sidenote: the band uncle jesse and the olsen twins only say that to make their sole rivals feel better about their complete lack of talent.
uncle jesse and the olsen twins own your soul.
by austin November 18, 2003

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