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fucking idiot; extreme idiot; dumbass to the nth degree
God that guy is an idifuckingot! I hope he gets his balls cut off!
by Austin March 21, 2005
to utterly diss and/or annoy someone
Austin gigasflorbened thomas by stealing his word
by austin February 12, 2004
A group of extremists who have broken from the state, somtimes the military, to form there own paramilitary organisation. They use terrorism/guerilla warfare to fight for thier cause
I.R.A has lots of splinter groups, and there are lots of communist/marxist splinter groups as well.
by Austin November 09, 2003
Way bigger than gigantic.
The Eiffel Tower is gigantic but my penis is trigantic.
by Austin February 26, 2004
multiple weenies
I love peni
by austin November 14, 2003
One of the finest convertibles ever to hit the streets.
Nas: Blaze a 50, sit back in the drop top Azure bentley, across from me, this chic that make bobby divorce whitney, top down nightmare blow her hair sky black stars glow the face on the moon stare
by austin July 27, 2004
any amount of anything dispite it's original meaning of "not alot" this "lil bit" term can mean even alot or a massive amoutn, whether it being how much something is, or to what extent.
"man 1(asking man 2): did he just insult me?
man 2:lil bit"

"woman: did u have fun last night?
man: lil bit"
by austin February 07, 2004

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