89 definitions by austin

1. The sound a caveman makes.

2. The sound I make when Masterbating
1. Joe's pet caveman always hits things and says "Oogah, oogah."

2. When Austin jacks off he sounds like a caveman...
by Austin June 11, 2005
To be considered as or being a hillbilly.
Damn Cledace is hillbilious.
by Austin May 02, 2004
It's about fuckin' time. Fuckin' finally.
I finafuckinally finished that stupid ass paper!
by Austin April 10, 2004
To vandalize, destroy, or deface. Refers specifically to website hacking.
"Dude, my website got punkatized the other day. Major bummer."
by Austin February 24, 2005
One's ability to seduce.
The attractive woman has sedugery
by Austin January 23, 2005
something that is lame...or undeserving of recongintion...LAMEZ
that movie was so lamez...
by austin November 23, 2003
to have an exceessive amount of money. One may have loot when they grow up, but they do not have the cheese, which is the fine spreading on top; unitl they get older and aquire money and assests
Most people who own yachts have the loot cheese, cause they can afford a yacht.
by austin October 07, 2003

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