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A Gangsta who's a G ... Wears Blue clothing and wears it to da right...BK's and hates 5-0... Gansta shit can be stupid but in the end it's real .. When u don't know how to deal and your stuck in some shit you got your G's to back you up and the red motha fuckers will get their as capped ...
Red is dead Blue is true... The reason you bleed red instead of blue is cuz red is stupid enough to come out and get their ass capped...
by Austin January 11, 2004
the thing that guys use when they cany get any pussy
I'm a nerd and i like porn.
by Austin February 22, 2005
THE best rock band in my opinion. Their music is deep, poetic, dark, emotional, beautiful and just fucking rocks. Awesome vocals from Layne Stanley. Awesome guitar solos and vocals from Jerry Cantrel.

Some of their best songs include: Man in the Box, Nutshell, Angry Chair, Again, Rain When I Die, I Stay Away, Rooster, and Grind
It didn't really rain when Layne Stanley died..

Have you heard Nutshell? Its beautiful.
by Austin May 06, 2005
When you can't "get her wet." In other words your girl's pussy is so loose and nasty, that you can't reach a climax and ejaculate.
I met this whore, and she was so used that she caused my worst case of SEXUAL FRUSTRTRATION ever!
by Austin December 01, 2003
Refering to, or related to cocaine. See also: white elephant.
"Man I was up all night ridin' the white rhino."
by Austin July 30, 2004

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