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89 definitions by austin

When you have Sex and you start yelling japeneeese word and then put ure dick as for and you can go to make the chik pass out!!!!
Chad: Hey where is ure girl friend

Austin: I did a nitsua yesterday and shes still sleepin

Chad: I did that to a girl once in college
by Austin April 16, 2005
tad stands for titties and a dick
Leah Shultz=T.A.D. or That T.A.D.'s name is Leah
by austin November 11, 2003
Furry red/blue/green/purple squishy balls located in the pelvic region of the human body,both male and female, they are interchangable with other testicles, typically 5-7 inches long
Ex. Today I'm going to wear my gay pride testicles.
by austin November 30, 2004
to blow your wad, discharge of semen. ejaculation
i sperged all over my gf's face after i was done fucking her.
by austin March 18, 2005
A "soft" whiteboy
A whiteboy who is not tough.
by Austin August 20, 2003
When a man and a man/woman rub shoulders together in a successive motion and ending in an awkward moment
Taylor had lindsay sex before class, and now his shoulder is baboon ass red.
by austin November 30, 2004
Acronym. Position in the Boy Scouts of America: Boy leader in charge of all scouts in his troop.
If you have a question, ask the SPL of Troop 520.
by Austin February 16, 2004