89 definitions by austin

Another word for homosexual. Generally used as an insult.
Billy is a gayball, I hope that fag gets shot!
by Austin July 19, 2004
when a teacher hott or not pulls there pants all the way up and past there belly button....
look at ms.wallon i would hit that if she didnt have teacherass..
by austin April 10, 2005
Involving the use of trickery and swindling.
That test had alot of trickeration in it.
by Austin December 02, 2004
a guy that usually allways has tricks or suprises up his sleave.
"here's comes that tell lankey fellow, wonder what the bitch boy had got now?"
by austin January 06, 2004
a gay treat found at Dairy Queen
Paul shoved the "Dilly Bar" up Sean's ass.
by Austin October 06, 2004
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