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Unofficial theme song of the police vice squad. It is a play on the title of the 1970s hit song, "Message in a Bottle", ironically made famous by the British pop group, The Police. "Massage in a Brothel" is intended to highlight the preference for some corrupt police to receive payment in the form of sexual services rather than money when soliciting bribes from prostitutes.
Detective Brown won't take money from prostitutes. He prefers a "massage in a brothel".
by austbeacon May 04, 2013
The language used by drunken people when they wish to communicate with the sober. In order to understand verbal shorthand, one needs to also be drunk. While traditionslly applied to the drunk, "verbal shorthand" can also be used to describe the communication efforts of persons affected by other mind-altering substances in addition to alcohol.
My husband rang me from the pub, but I couldn't understand him because he was talking verbal shorthand.
by austbeacon May 04, 2013

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