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Adelaide is the best place to live in australia, we get all those faggot victorians here who think they own the place, well maybe they should go back the the hole thay come from.
Adelaide is so awesome
by aussie_babee December 01, 2009
A woman who is too ugly to be a supermodel, too dumb to be an actress and too nasty to be a poisonous snake.
Omg did you see Crystal walk into the glass door, what a bimbo!
by aussie_babee December 12, 2009
South Australian Slang for "Port Augusta"
Person 1: What you doing today?
Person 2: I'm Going fishing at Porta Gutta
Person 1: Ahh, thats heaps good
by aussie_babee December 07, 2009
Australian Rules (or australian football) is a REAL sport, the only protection footy players wear is a mouthguard, unlike those americans who have to wear padding. It is entertaining to watch and requires skill, unlike people who have an IQ of 2, and those gay american footballers and rugby players who will find any excuse to jump all over eachother.
The adelaide crows are the best team in the Australian Rules competition. 2010 premiership is ours boys
by aussie_babee December 01, 2009
also known ad Chas Licciardello from the chaser.
in the sketch with the love calculator Chas changed his name to Gvhftr Kijl to get 100% with Teri Hatcher.
Gvhftr Kijl is easier to pronounce than licciardello
by aussie_babee November 08, 2010

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